Quinn Brabender

Lawrence, Kansas native.
Merchandise Manager for Upon A Burning Body. I make videos for PlugYourHoles.com.

I make music videos/tour blogs/etc. Let's work together.



Just got my laptop in preparation for SXSW. It’s not incredibly powerful, but I’m crossing my fingers it’ll let me do video editing without crashing. Should be just fine for photos. 

On Monday I’ll be heading down to SXSW with my friends in The Noise FM. I’ll be shooting photos and making a short documentary to be released at a later date about their travels down to SXSW and their new album. 

Anyone else gunna be at SXSW? Trying to meet up with and hang out with as many new friends as possible! Shoot me a message and lets hang out and talk music/photo/video.

Also, just to put this out there, if ANY of you guys have questions for me about anything, there’s an ASK button on my page. Hit it up!